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The stuff they teach you in, Marketing Classes

With a major or a minute difference across all the social media platform, each algorithm governs different demands, it might not be everything they pumped into the algorithm but that’s what analyst have been observing since early 2020:


  • Instagram allows you to use 30 but using 5 hashtags under 1M helps your post to get that boost
  • The page score is calculated by your relationship with your audience, their interest, the relevancy of the post, and the user session time (More time the user spends, the deeper it goes)
  • Many content creators have complained of their post not being reflected while filtering using certain hashtags but that is simply due to a shadowban which means your post is also determined by how the user was perceiving this and what was the behavior of the audience.


  • The Facebook post determines the rank based on the inventory(total content) available over the platform
  • Receiving signals(like share comment)
  • Prediction by the algorithm plays a vital role here


  • For LinkedIn, the algorithm first determines if its bot or not
  • It categorizes the post into 3 categories (based if you are a bot or not):
  • It would then display the content to your 1st connections taking real people assessment and scoring the post (Pro tip: LinkedIn family loves simplicity and having your touch of personalization is such a cherry on the cake)
  • Once the page has been scored in the first one hour, it automatically pushes the post to your 2nd and 3rd connections based on their preferences


  • Twitter has 2 timelines, one that keeps a check on the latest tweet and the other that keeps a check over top feed tweet
  • Since it has been designed keeping time as the only essence, more recent is your engagement in terms of using hashtags, living topic, mention tags, etc. more popular your tweet gets
  • Location plays an integral part as it gathers the masses
Best time to post on Facebook in 2020



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